While America Was Hosting The Oscars, The UK Had British Kebab Awards


On February 26, Los Angeles was celebrating the world of cinema, the directors, the actors, La La Landand Moonlight. It was a night long parade of evening gowns and little truffle-filled canapés. On the other side of the Atlantic, on the same day in London, the atmosphere was completely different.

No skimpy sequined sheaths, no golden statuettes, no confusion when it came to announcing the winner. In the envelopes, the winners were called things like Pizza King Kebab House, I am Donner or Alla Turca.

It was the British Kebab Awards, which reward "the unsung heroes, the workers behind the fantastic takeaways or the kebab restaurants". This fifth edition handed prizes to seventeen British establishments in the categories "Best Kebab House," "Fine Dining," "Chef of the Year" or "Outstanding Contribution to the Kebab Industry."

The equivalent of the "Best hope" was the "Best Newcomer Kebab Restaurant."

Both a culinary and a political event

The Kebab Awards was endorsed by famous people indeed, especially from the British political class. The grill masters were addressed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

A Conservative member of Parliament even took the opportunity to make a statement about the Prime Minister, Theresa May, comparing her to the famous sandwich:

"If the Prime Minister was a kebab, she would be a chicken phish kebab, because it's meaty but not too flashy and people like this. Add a bit of lettuce and onions and it becomes a healthy meal, just like the Prime Minister!"

Kebabs might be less glamorous than the Oscars, but check this out: British people eat 1.3 million kebabs a day and the industry is worth £2.2 million. The Daily Mail notes: "Many people on Twitter jokingly said that the British Kebab Awards was the biggest awards ceremony of the night – despite the Academy Awards being held on the same evening."

Proof that meat on a spit can fascinate crowds as much as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. 

Published on Konbini by Sirine Azouaoni, 3rd March 2017

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