West Ealing kebab house receives award


The West Ealing branch of GDK has been recognised at the British Kebab Awards.

The outlet, at 24 Broadway, was highly recommended in the Best Kebab in North and West London category.

GDK, which stands for German Doner Kebab, originates from Berlin.

The company has aimed to revolutionise the street food industry by introducing a premium product in the shape of a gourmet kebab.

GDK has nine outlets in the UK, with more than 100 planned for the next two years.

“For a start we are a chain of restaurants who also provide takeaway facilities. In addition we have created the Doner Burger alongside our lamb and chicken dishes.

“All of our halal meat is char-grilled rather than fried which results in a healthier meal.”

Published on Hillingdon Times, 8th March 2017

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