The Croydon kebab shops that have been named among the best in the country

This article was first published on the Croydon Advertiser on  13 February 2018

And a Croydon kebab shop's chef has been named among the 10 best in Britain

A host of Croydon kebab shops have been named among the best in the country after making it onto the shortlist for The British Kebab Awards 2018.

After more than 5,000 nominations a total of 153 businesses across the country have made it on to the list of finalists.

Five Croydon businesses and another just over the border in Wallington have been named among the 12 finalists in the category for the best takeaway in London.

They are Greek on the Street, in Boxpark, in East Croydon; Abra Kebabra, in Wickham Road, in Shirley; Planet Kebab, in Mitcham Road, in West Croydon; Kebab Centre, in Addington Road, in Seldon; Brothers Kebab House, in Lower Addiscombe Road, in Addiscombe, and Wallington Express, in Stafford Road, Wallington.

Greek on the Street is also among the 10 finalists in the category for customer satisfaction.

And Abra Kebabra's Emrullah Sasmaz has also been named among the 10 finalists in the chef of the year category.

Manager of the brilliantly named Abra Kebabra, Alex Ermis said: “Everything is good quality. Everyone likes good quality.

“We used to get managers from Tesco coming in asking about how we made our kebabs but we didn’t tell them.

“Emrullah is my brother in law, I’ve been working with him for seven years.

“He’s a really top guy – he’s been a chef for more than 20 years and I respect him all the time.

“It’s been a long time that he’s been a chef and he’s talented at it. He’s perfect, number one.”

Mananger of Greek on the Street Alexandra Barikou was delighted to have made it onto the list of finalists, with the contenders chosen after being nominated by customers.

She said: “We’re really excited that our customers have voted for us.

“If we win it’s going to be amazing. I think that our customers really appreciate what we’re trying to do here.

“We serve a lot of great value and high quality food and I think that that reflects in the service we bring.”

The winners of the sixth annual awards will be announced after a final round of judging by the British Kebab Awards judges.

That's a lot of kebabs

The industry is worth over £2.8 billion a year and supports around 200,000 jobs, with more than 1.3 million kebabs sold across Britain every day.

There are now over 20,000 kebab outlets in the UK selling around 2,500 tonnes of lamb and chicken doner a week.

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