Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party

Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party

“I am delighted to support this year’s British Kebab Awards, now an established annual event. The British Kebab industry is continuing to grow each year and contributes well over £2 billion annually to the British economy, creating jobs and playing a vital role in our communities in every corner of the country.  From takeaway to fine dining, Kebabs are a firm favourite and an established part of our national cuisine.

The British Kebab Industry has been built up by the tremendous efforts of SMEs and their teams who have worked incredibly hard to get where they are today. The British Kebab Awards have become an important part of our food awards in Britain, recognising the hard work of our restauranteurs and chefs. I send my very best wishes for this year’s 2017 award ceremony - my particular congratulations to all the award winners. And I wish you all another superb year ahead."

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