Oxford Mail: No mistake as Oxfordshire kebab van correctly read out as winners of top award

27 February 2017


There was no mistake when it came to announcing the winner of the top prize at the British Kebab Awards last night. 

Thame-based Atalay Kebab won the coveted Kebab Van of the Year at a swanky ceremony in London. 

The High Street van, founded by Turkish-born Russel Atalay in 1988 and now run by his two sons, was nominated by fast food fiend Dom Stanway-Williams who travelled the world and still could not beat the taste of his hometown doner. 

After being nominated the van received huge backing on the British Kebab Awards website from others who had been equally blown away by its lamb kebab. 

Labour MP for Ilford North, Wes Streeting, calmy read out Atalay Kebab as the winner - ensuring the British Kebab Awards didn't end in a total farce.

By Callum Keown for Oxford Mail First Published on Oxford Mail on 27 Feb 2017

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