Jeremy Corbyn Attends British Kebab Awards To Tell People Off For Eating Kebabs


In his usual geography teacher style, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attended the British Kebab Awards on Wednesday night to encourage people to eat salad.

“When people buy kebabs, I want them to have salad too so they can have the balanced diet we all need.”

Corbyn was at the ceremony to present the award for Outstanding Contribution to the British kebab industry, claiming to be an “aficionado of kebab shops” despite ditching animal flesh many years ago.

Instead, the 66-year-old politician likes to order falafel from his local kebabby when he’s feeling peckish - with lots of garlic sauce, he told Steerpike.

Corbyn made history at this year’s event as the first leader of a major political party to attend the awards - although several of his fellow politicians dropped by, including London mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan and ‘core group negative’ Labour MP Keith Vaz.

This article was first published on Huffington Post by Ryan Barrell on 24 March 2016

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