How can you nominate?


How can you make a nomination?

Nominations can be made online at our nomination page or via (Please note if you send a nomination via email address, please include the address and phone number/email address of your choice).

If you are able to encourage large numbers of the public, your local Councillors or MPs to nominate your business, it will stand more of a chance of winning an award.

5th British Kebab Awards Categories

·  Customer Satisfaction

·  Best Takeaway Kebab Shop in London

·  Best Takeaway Kebab Shop outside London

·  Best Value Restaurant

·  Fine Dining

·  Best Related Business of the Year

·  Outstanding Contribution to the Kebab Industry

·  Best Young Chef of the Year

·  Best Chef of the Year

·  Best Newcomer Kebab Restaurant

·  JUST EAT Best Delivery Restaurant




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