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The awards ceremony hosting 1200 guests including parliamentarians, business people, and representatives of communities was held at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, on 23 March 2016.

AVRUPA TIMES (LONDON)-Thousands of kebab businesses across UK have been nominated by kebab eaters across the country ahead of the 4th British Kebab annual awards. The nominations have been made across 14 categories – including best kebab shops category, best delivery, best value restaurant – and people voted for their favourite business.

The awards ceremony hosting 1200 guests including parliamentarians, business people, and representatives of communities was held at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel. British Kebab Awards is organised by the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS).

Ibrahim Dogus, the founder of the British Kebab Awards, said: 

We are here tonight to celebrate a fantastic industry which rests on the shoulders of some amazing people – restaurateurs, chefs, managers, wholesalers, lawyers, accountants, 

not to mention the men and women working long hours and late at night,

serving fresh, hot food to millions of customers in every community.

Most of the companies involved in the kebab trade are Small and Medium Enterprises – SMEs. 

And as we all know – SMEs are the backbone of the British economy.

An estimated 1.3m kebabs sold by vendors every day in the UK.

It’s a major employer. 

Over 20,000 kebab shops and restaurants all over the country, employing around 200,000 people. 

There are more people in the UK making kebabs than making cars. 

There are around 200 doner kebab manufacturers in the UK, with a turnover in excess of £750m.

And we are a major contributor, not just to the local community, but also to the national economy - over £2.2 billion contribution to the UK economy.

And it’s an industry which is growing year on year, getting stronger, contributing more to the economy.

It’s not just about jobs and investment.

Kebabs make a contribution to our shared culture.

Labor Party's Vegetarian Leader Jeremy Corbyn also attended the ceremony to support kebab industry because of its contributions to the British economy and employement. 


Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chairman of Cobra Beer Partnership Limited and Gursel Aksu, Owner of Kervan Sofrasi Restaurants. Because of his contribution to the kebab industry, Gursel Aksu received Jury's special award. 

Alton and Co Best Chef of the Year: Onder Sahan

Big K-  Outstanding Contribution to the Kebab Industry: Ace 4 Kebabs, Total Shopfitting Solutions Ltd

Just Eat Best Delivery: Curipza Take Away

Bulldog Best Takeaway in London: The Best Turkish Kebab

Paragon Quality Foods - Best Kebab Restaurant Outside London: Mevan Restaurant, ikincilik ise The Turkish Meze Grill

Holland Bazaar - Best New Comer Restaurant: Mez-opotamia Restaurant 

Best Takeaway Outside London: Food Stop Takeaway

Customer Satisfaction: Istanbul Finchley Restaurant

Best Value Restaurant: Şelale Restaurant, ikincilik ise Meze Mangal in Bushey Heath 

Fine Dining: Sheesh Chigwell

Best Kebab Restaurant in North and West London: Durum Restaurant

Best Kebab Restaurant in South London: -Turkuaz Restaurant

- Cappadocia in Kingston

Best Kebab House in Northern Ireland: The Sphinx

Best Kebab Restaurant in Wales Pizza Choice 

Best Kebab Restaurant in Scotland: Nawroz Restaurant

Best Young Chef of the Year: Ali Ekber Doymaz

This article was published in the Avrupa Times on 29 March 2016

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