Crazy Pedro's creates the Abrakebabra KEBAB pizza


Do you like kebabs? Do you like pizzas?

Then you'll probably like the new kebab pizza coming at you, courtesy of Crazy Pedro's Pizza Parlour.

The Abrakebabra is the latest monthly special from the slice slingers - the Manchester restaurant which has branches in the Northern Quarter and on Bridge Street. 

The new pizza combines mozzarella with lamb tikka (posh version of donner meat), iceberg lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes and mint yoghurt.

For their new February monthly special, Pedro's decided to look east to a recipe that was first mentioned in a Turkish script as far back as 1377, it says here.
Tradition has it that the dish was invented by medieval soldiers who would use their swords to grill meat over an open fire. Pedro's will be using their own 'special sword' to create the latest you can leave yours at home.
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