British Kebab Awards: See which Surrey takeaway made the shortlist


This article was first on the Get Surrey on 24 February 2018

You can vote for the takeaway to win the award now

Istanbul Grill in Woking has gone from strength to strength.

Just five months ago, the takeaway was nominated as the 'Best Kebab Shop in the South-East' at the British Kebab Awards and now it has made the shortlist.

The shop is one of 12 locations that kebab connoisseurs can vote for under the 'Best Takeaway Regional' award.

And the shop's owner, Nusret Kandemir, is surely one of the key reasons why people love the Broadway takeaway.

Mr Kandemir first came to the Woking Kebab House in 1987, where he washed dishes after arriving in the UK from Turkey.

He has now been in charge of the shop - now called Istanbul Grill following a stint at Diamond Kebab between 1992 and 2013 - for a quarter of a century.

So loved by his customers, he is known to many as "Baba", the Turkish word for father.

Nusret Kandemir, owner of Istanbul Grill since 1992 (Image: Umut Kandemir)

When Get Surrey shared the news that the Istanbull Grill had been nominated, our readers were quick to praise their favourite takeaway .

Matt Fuller, said Mr Kandemir had "the patience of a saint putting up with all of us drunken herberts over the years, including the customary punch ups at two in the morning".

Kerry Ann Parratt agreed and said: "Such a lovely man, always used to give my kids a lolly and seen me worse for wear a few times - well deserved."

His son, Umut, said that getting the award would "mean a lot" to his father.

Speaking to Get Surrey , he said: "When I told him that we had been shortlisted he just asked me 'Why?'

"He thinks that making everything himself and providing such a good service is normal - he does it with love.

"Getting this recognition is just a cherry on the top of everything he has done.

"On a personal level, he is not a very expressive person but I know it would mean a lot to him.

"It would just be the most amazing compliment to what he has done for 30 years of his life."

The awards ceremony will take place on Monday March 12 and you can vote for Istanbul Grill to win the prize here .


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