Britain’s best kebab is in Stoke Newington


At a time when green smoothies are being hurled around as liberally as mince pies were the month before, it’s refreshing to see some dirty food making the news.

We’re talking about last night’s British Kebab Awards, where a north London favourite picked up the prize for Best Takeaway.

A panel of 19 judges that included MPs and experts from up and down the country pulled apart shish, doner and mixed kebabs before awarding the Oscar of Turkish cuisine to Stoke Newington’s Super Kebab/Ockabasi (107 Stoke Newington Road). Neighbouring (and Ainsley Harriort-endorsed) restaurant The Best Turkish Kebab will surely have something to say on the matter, but we’re happy for the Stokey local.

Other London winners included Selale in Harringay, which took the title of Best Value kebab restaurant; Pivaz in Hackney, which won Best Newcomer and Sarastro in Covent Garden, runner-up in the Fine Dining category. Hang on, a ‘fine dining’ kebab shop? Now that’s something we wouldn’t want to stumble past with a belly full of booze and a wallet full of cash.

First published in Time Out

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