Andrew Percy MP

“The annual British Kebab Awards are a great way to showcase this important industry. Those who follow me on Twitter will know all about my appetite for a good kebab. I often find myself in a conundrum when I’m travelling back up to the constituency late on a Thursday night: should I cook, or shall I grab a delicious kebab from my local? I don’t have to tell you…the kebab wins this contest more often than not. But that’s one of the reasons why I love the humble British kebab shop: they’re often open very late, sometimes being the last places open at night, and they provide a great option for those who work unsociable hours – like MPs. Also, as a big fan of the NFL, I sometimes stay up all night watching televised games from the States – to which a kebab is the perfect accompaniment. And everyone knows that a kebab is the perfect way to round off a great night out. No matter the occasion, you can always find a good reason to have a kebab.”

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