Amjad Bashir MEP


Amjad Bashir travelled to the United Kingdom from Pakistan aged just eight years old, to join his father who worked in Wool mills in 1960s Bradford. Despite speaking little English on his arrival, Amjad went on to study Chemical Engineering at Bradford University, and whilst he initially started out by working in his father’s fabric company, ended up really cutting his teeth in the restaurant trade. He opened his first restaurant in 1979 and over the next thirty-five years built up a successful catering business with his sons, which included supply to ASDA, a Wal-Mart company. Having started from scratch on more than one occasion, Amjad has always been aware of the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs; there is uncertainty in the best of times and bureaucracy can be both confusing and frustrating. As spokesperson of the ECR Group for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, he is committed to reducing burdensome regulation in order to help create a stimulating environment for businesses and start-ups. Since his election to the European Parliament in 2014, Amjad has worked tirelessly to further the cause of free markets, human rights and rule of law, not only in Europe, but also in the Arab world and Asia.



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