Altan Kemal



Altan Kemal is a Chartered Accountant. He came to the UK in 1973, graduating in Business Management before qualifying and working in accountancy. He subsequently founded his own firm of accountants in 1983, namely Alton & Co. (Chartered Accountants & Statutory Auditors).

Based in London, he currently has a team of 26 people of whom 12 are qualified and are all very adept in advising a variety of clients including those in catering industries. He is not just a business man but is also very family orientated, enjoys skiing, watching Arsenal with his sons and is a qualified football referee.

Altan has worked hundreds of small and medium businesses as well as big companies in his career. He had been witnesses many of his clients growth in food and drink industry. He observed as a Londoner how kebab industry growth in past 30 years and advised many entrepreneurs and firms as an accountant. Some of his clients restaurant groups, catering companies, food and drink suppliers from all around the UK.

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