Ali Matur



Ali Matur is one of the most successful businessmen in London’s food industry. Having arrived in London in 1996, Matur has been involved in the food industry in a number of ways. His company “Special Fruit” has one of the largest stands in the New Spitalfields market, UK’s leading horticultural market of wholesale fruit and vegetables.

Matur also owns Holland Bazaar, a wholesale fruit and vegetable provider to hundreds of supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and catering companies. The company not only operates in London, but reaches markets in Manchester, Peterborough, Sheffield and Brighton. As one of London’s largest wholesale food supplier, Holland Bazaar is one of the few 24 hour open warehouses in the area.

Ali Matur, father of three, has studied Business Management in Turkey. During his 17 years in London, he has been in contact with all sizes of kebab retailers in the country. 45 year old Matur is one of the closest observers of the development of the kebab industry in the UK.

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